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Indian Journal of Economics and Development, Volume 17 (1) January-March, 2021

  1.  An Economic Analysis of Milk Production and Profitability of Dairy Farms in Haryana (19126): Jagdish Kumar, Nirmal Kumar, Jitender Kumar Bhatia, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, and Raj Kumar
  2. A Comparative Analysis for Factors Affecting Food Choice among Rural and Urban Household of Central Gujarat (20143): Gautam Parmar, and Raju M. Rathod
  3. Agricultural Sustainability in Punjab: Issues and Challenges (20020): Kuldeep Singh
  4. Effectiveness of Foreign Aid to India in Post-Liberalization era: The Self-Reliant India Expedition (20190): Zeenia Singh Ahluwalia and Rajinder Kaur

Indian Journal of Economics and Development, Volume 16 (4) October-December, 2020

  1. The nexus between Financial Development, Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in India: A VECM technique (20131): Amandeep Verma
  2. Structural Transformation of Punjab Agriculture and its Environmental Implications (20036): Seema Dutta and Sharanjit Singh Dhillon
  3. Consumer Purchase Behaviour towards Leafy Greens in a Specialized Retail Store (20025): R. Likith, S. Moghana Lavanya, K. Mahendran, and B.Krishnakumare.
  4. Analysis of Global and National Scenario of Tuber Crops Production: Trends and Prospects (20108): Prakash P., D Jaganathan, Sheela Immanuel, and P.S.Sivakumar
  5. Impact Assessment of MGNREGA on Employment Generation, Labour Supply in the Agriculture Sector and Migration: A Case Study (20086): Sonali Katoch, Amit Guleria, Pardeep Singh, and R.S. Prasher.
  6. Growth and Instability Analysis of Pearl Millet Cultivation in India (20175)Parth Shah, Shrivastava. A., Suvagiya. D. and Vani. G.
  7. Regional Disparities in Industrial Development: Evidence from Districts of Punjab (20104)Vikas and Tilak Raj
  8. Does Employment Status Determine Household Consumption Pattern in India: An Analysis through Dependency Approach (20154): Dhananjay Kumar and Nitin Bisht.
  9. An Economic Impact of Eucalyptus Plantation on Farmers’ Sustainability in Gujarat (20096): Priyanka Changela and Ganga Devi
  10. Income and Consumption Expenditure Pattern of Marginal and Small Farmers in Punjab (20156): H S Kingra, Manjeet Kaur Randhawa, Sukhpal Singh, Shruti Bhogal, and Rakhi Arora
  11. An Econometric Analysis of Markets for Pulses-A Case Study of Green gram (20203):  Shivakumar K.M. and Uma Gowri M.
  12. Price Volatility and Seasonal Analysis of Tomato, Onion, and Potato (20150): M. Areef, Y. Radha and S. Rajeswari
  13. A Comparative Evaluation of Trends in Area, Production, and Productivity of Cashew in the Western and Eastern Regions of India (19054): Kandeeban M., Mahendran K., and S. Moghana Lavanya
  14. Empowering Farmers through Future Price Information: Price Forecasting of Brinjal in Eastern Uttar Pradesh (20146):  Pramod Kumar, P.S. Badal, R.K. Paul, G.K. Jha, P. Venkatesh, Kingsly, I.T.,  V. Kamalvanshi, M. Balasubramanian and Anbukkani P.
  15. Micro and Macro-level Analysis of Crop Diversification: Evidence from an Agrarian State West Bengal (20037): Rukhsana.
  16. Socio-Economic Analysis of Farmers of Himachal Pradesh: A Study of District Shimla (20029): Sikander Kumar and Vishal Chauhan. 
  17. Economics of Resource Utilization for Manufacturing of Dairy Products in a Cooperative Dairy Plant in Coastal Odisha (20099): Mir MirajAlli, A.K. Chauhan, Denny Franco, and Shyam Prakash Singh
  18. Forecasting of Cotton Production in India using Advanced Time Series Models (20106): Sachin Sudhakar More
  19. Exploring the Economic Slowdown of India (20276): Gian Singh, Dharampal, and Jyoti
  20. Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Farmer Producer Companies in India (20042): Ranjit Kumar, Aditya Pandey, Sanjiv Kumar and N. Sivaramane
  21. Standard of Living of Tribal Households in Rural Areas of North-East India: A Principal Component Analysis Approach (20148): Debajit Bhuyan1 and M. K. Deb
  22. Impact of Covid-2019 on Major Vegetable Markets of Gujarat (20158): Leua Alpesh and Parmar Gautam