Upcoming Issue

  1. Projections and sustainability of biofuels in India: Lessons for Punjab (20119): Jenny Kapngaihlian and A.S. Bhullar 
  2. Oil Price-Macroeconomy Causality: Evidence from Emerging Economies (21010): Mushtaq Ahmad Malik and Tasneem Khan
  3. Export of Tea from India: Performance and Determinants (21014): Hercídio Tandane, Manjeet Kaur and A.K. Mahal
  4. Estimation of Total Factor Productivity Growth (TFPG) of Major Cereal Crops in Rajasthan (21052): Devendra Kumar Verma, Hari Singh, and Jitendra Suman 
  5. Structure and Price Dynamics of Potato Cold Storage in Gujarat (20309): Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy and S.S. Kalamkar 
  6. Fish of Choice-An Analytical Hierarchy Process to Determine Fish Consumption in West Bengal (20201): Tenji Pem Bhutia, Vinod Kumar Yadav, Neha Wajahat Qureshi, S. Kesavan 
  7. Sources and Determinants of Agricultural Growth in Uttar Pradesh (India): Agro-Climatic Zone-Level Analysis (20274): Sanjeev Kumar 
  8. Market Arrivals and Price Behaviour of Potato: A Study of Selected Markets of Uttar Pradesh (20298): Jyoti Chaudhary and H.P. Singh 
  9. A Comparative Analysis of Pre and Post Watershed Development Programme: A Case Study of Umngoh Watershed in Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya (21090): Hehlangki Tyngkan, S.B. Singh, R. Singh, B. Nongbri, D.R. Lyngkhoi, and J. Gogoi  
  10. Socio-economic Characteristics of Peasantry of Sub-mountainous Punjab (21058): Damanjit Kaur, H.S. Kingra, Manjeet Kaur, A.K. Mahal, and Rohit Saini
  11. Study on Growth and Instability in Pulses Production in Bihar: A Decomposition Analysis (20109): Priyanka Kumari, K.M. Singh, Nasim Ahmad, and D.K. Sinha  
  12. Is the Fiscal Deficit Essential for Stimulating Economic Growth in Developing Economies? Theory and Empirical Evidence from India (20294): Devender and Jagdeep Kumar 
  13. An Economic Evaluation of Crop and Livestock Enterprises in Uttarakhand Hills (21085): Sheela Kharkwal, Ravindra Malhotra, Basant Kumar Bhinchhar, and Khwairakpam Ratika
  14. Gender Disparity in Employment and Wages in Rural Labour Market in Odisha: Some Survey Findings and Empirical Analysis (21084): Basanti Renu Hembramr, and Lipishree Das
  15. Seasonal Influence on Milk Production Performance in SDCMPUL, Tamil Nadu (20216): G. Mari, G. Xavier, and Vijay Prakash Gupta
  16. Export of Tea from India in the post-WTO era - Performance and Determinants (21087): Arghyadeep Das, Raju, R., Siddayya and Sendhil, R.
  17. Nature and Composition of Services Sector in India: A Time Series Analysis (20093): GauravBhatia and Tilak Raj