Upcoming issue 16(4) December 2020

Published On: Sep 19, 2020

Indian Journal of Economics and Development, Volume 16 (4) October-December, 2020

  1. The nexus between Financial Development, Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in India: A VECM technique (20131): Amandeep Verma
  2. Structural Transformation of Punjab Agriculture and its Environmental Implications (20036): Seema Dutta and Sharanjit Singh Dhillon
  3. Consumer Purchase Behaviour towards Leafy Greens in a Specialized Retail Store (20025): R. Likith, S. Moghana Lavanya, K. Mahendran, and B.Krishnakumare.
  4. Analysis of Global and National Scenario of Tuber Crops Production: Trends and Prospects (20108): Prakash P., D Jaganathan, Sheela Immanuel, and P.S.Sivakumar
  5. Impact Assessment of MGNREGA on Employment Generation, Labour Supply in the Agriculture Sector and Migration: A Case Study (20086): Sonali Katoch, Amit Guleria, Pardeep Singh and R.S. Prasher.
  6. Growth and Instability Analysis of Pearl Millet Cultivation in India (20175): Parth Shah, Shrivastava. A., Suvagiya. D. and Vani. G.
  7. Regional Disparities in Industrial Development: Evidence from Districts of Punjab (20104): Vikas and Tilak Raj