Poverty Incidence and Income Inequality in the Tribal and Non-tribal Area of Central Gujarat

Published On: 2021-09-22 07:44:27

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Author: Jignesh Macwan and Y.C. Zala

Author Address: IABMI, Anand Agricultural University, Anand-388110


The present investigation undertook to study the poverty incidence and income distribution among poor and non-poor in the tribal and non-tribal areas applying headcount index and the Gini index, and Lorenz curve. The headcount index shows the proportion of poor households. It shows that poverty was higher in the tribal area than in non-tribal regions. Incidence of poverty was higher in marginal farm households, followed by landless agricultural labour and small farm households. Income inequalities are depicted by the Gini coefficient and presented in graphical form by the Lorenz curve. It showed that total income was distributed more equally among poor and non-poor people in the tribal area than in non-tribal regions. It also observed that in the tribal district, poor and non-poor households had the same proportion of inequality. It was suggested to focus on creating employment opportunities through programmes like MGNREGA to eliminate poverty in particular tribal areas.

Keywords: Gini coefficient, headcount index, income inequality, Lorenz curve, poverty incidence.
JEL Codes: D63, I32, I38, O15