Indian Journal of Economics and Development

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Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 14 No.3, July-September, 2018

Research Articles
State-wise analysis of growth in production and profitability of rice in India
P. Samal, C. Rout, S.K. Repalli and N.N. Jambhulkar
The demand-supply gaps for foodgrains in India: Projections for 2019-20 to 2025-26
Shruti Chopra
China's export performance during liberalised era
Kulwinder Singh, Surinder K. Singla, and Jatinder Singh
An econometric investigation of FAMA French three factor model and capital asset pricing model in Indian stock market Flowrine Olive P.,
A. Rohini, N. Deepa and S. Selvanayaki
Adoption and impact assessment of direct seeded rice technology in Sri Muktsar Sahib
Ajaypal Singh and D.K Grover
Socio-economics of herbal industrial units in Punjab
Sukhjinder Singh and Sharanjit Singh Dhillon
Economic growth and convergence across Indian states
Fayaz A. Bhat and Effat Yasmin
Growth trajectory and inter-regional agricultural disparity: A study of Madhya Pradesh
Jaspal Singh, Amarjeet Singh, Nirmal Singh, Trisha Singh Tomer and Himani Sachdeva
India's agricultural trade relationship with SAARC countries
Ayaz Khan Naseri, and Baljinder Kaur Sidana
Level and pattern of income of farm households and agricultural landless labourers in rural Punjab
Rajwant Kaur and Sharanjit Singh Dhillon
Price dynamics of domestic and international cotton markets: A vector error correction mechanism (VECM) approach
R. Kavitha, S. Murali Gopal, R. Pangayar Selvi
Economic impact of pomegranate research and extension on farm economy
V.G. Pokharkar, Gulave C.M. and D.B. Yadav
Sector-wise growth pattern across different states of India
Tamanpreet Kaur and Manjeet Kaur
Economic analysis of automated drip irrigation system for production of tomato crop
Sandeep Kumar Pandey, A.K. Jain, Rakesh Sharda, Abhijit  Joshi and Pankaj Sharma
Food expenditure profile and north-south divide: An analysis
R. Santhosh
Factors influencing extent of adoption of artificial insemination (AI) technology among cattle farmers in Assam
Baban Bayan

Research Notes
Impact of quality standards on technological capabilities of Indian firms
Resource use efficiency and marketing of pointed gourd cultivation in South Gujarat
S.C. Patel, J.J. Makadia and K.U. Mungalpara
Economic analysis of pear cultivation in Punjab
Kawalpreet Kaur and Jatinder Sachdeva
Volume 14 July-September 2018 No. 3

Consumer buying behavior, perception and attitude towards internet shopping
Deepika Bisht
Impact assessment of BGREI programme on cropping intensity, production, productivity and income of 559 farmers in Assam
Pinky Pathok, P.B. Gogoi, J.P. Hazarika and N. Deka
Crop diversification in Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu-An empirical study
M. Selvarani, and T. Alagumani
The impact of technology business incubators in entrepreneurial development of start-ups
S. Reyani, C. Muralidharan, R. Pangayarselvi, and V. Sakthirama
Adoption behaviour of poplar cultivation in Punjab
Mandeep Singh, Manjeet Kaur and Amrit Kaur Mahal Review Article
Vulnerability aspects of urban flooding: A review
Shrutidhara Kashyap and Ratul Mahanta