Indian Journal of Economics and Development

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Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 14 No.1, January-March, 2018

Research Articles
Growth and productivity performance in the Indian agro and non-agro based manufacturing industries in the reform periods
       R. Mariappan
Socio-economic impact analysis of introduction of renewable energy technologies in five tribal villages of Gujarat (India)
      S.S. Kalamkar, M. Swain, and S. Vahora
Structural breaks, yield plateaus and long run yield trends in Indian crop sector
       S.J. Balaji
Financial resources of PACS in Punjab: An evaluation
       Pallavi Goyal and Jaswinder Singh Brar
Relationship between money, output and price level in India: A cointegration and VECM approach
       M. Manikandan, N. Mani, and P. Karthikeyan
Attitude of stakeholders towards genetically modified crops in Malwa region of Punjab
       Pranoy Ray and V.K. Rampal
Area and production of fruits in Punjab: An appraisal of Kinnow
       Manpreet Kaur and Pavneet Kaur
Relationship between input energy use and land productivity in Punjab agriculture
       H. Kumar and Arjinder Kaur
Incidence of poverty and inequality among tea labourer engaged in different size of plantations: A study of
Dibrugarh district of Assam
        Pradyut Guha
Total factor productivity and its sources of growth for rice in Punjab
       Arghyadeep Das, Sanjay Kumar, and Jasdev Singh
Analysis of co-integration among major potato markets in India
       P. Sreepriya and Raj Kumar
Measuring financial inclusion of Indian States: An empirical study
       Susanta Kumar Sethy and Phanindra Goyatri
Resource curse and India states
       Gourav Kumar Vani and K.S. Aditya
What are the constraints in crossbreeding programme and technology in Jharkhand?
       Aniketa Horo, and B.S. Chandel
Rice residue burning in Punjab: Situation and solution
       Bhoopesh Punera, K.S. Aditya, P. Venkatesh, and Pramod Kumar
Physical distribution system of drumstick (Moringa Oliefera) in Vadodara district of Gujarat
       R. Singh, M.R. Prajapati, Snehal Mishra, Dilip R. Ritambhara, Vahoniya, Y.A. Lad, Y.C. Zala, and Jemish Savani
Structure of the distribution of household income in Himachal Pradesh: A case study of Mandi district
       K.C. Sharma and Raksha Sharma
Measurement of poverty among MGNREGA beneficiaries in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh
       Tek Singh and K.C. Sharma
Factors affecting collective action among vegetable farmers for market access in South Gujarat
       Ruchira Shukla, Gautam Parmar, Swati Sharma, Bhavesh Chaudhari, and Alpesh Leua

Research Notes
Economics of women SHGs in Manipur
       A. Jolly Devi
Status of women in Punjab: District level differentials
       Manisha Bhatia, and Pawan Kumar Sharma
Opportunities and challenges for marketing of organic products in India
       Hamidullah Younisi and J.J. Makadia
A study of consumer behavior towards edible oil usage in Navsari
       Gautam Parmar and Ruchira Shukla
Total factor productivity growth of soybean in Madhya Pradesh
       H.K. Niranjan, P. Mishra, R.S. Chouhan, Supriya, and Bhaskar Shukla
Cost of production and profitability in cultivation of pointed gourd in South Gujarat
       S.C. Patel, J.J. Makadia, and N.A. Kalola
A study on post harvest losses in pulses in Nagaon district of Assam
       Parinita Dutta, Amvrin Baruah, and Nivedita Deka

Thesis Abstracts