Indian Journal of Economics and Development

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Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 13 No.2a, April-June, 2017

Framework for doubling the income of wheat producers' by Trends, pathway and drivers
R. Sendhil, Anuj Kumar, Satyavir Singh, Ravish Chatrath, and G.P. Singh
How to double farmers' income by 2022?: A sector-wise growth rate and decomposition analysis
Laishram Priscilla, Arsha Balakrishnan, Lalrinsangpuii and A.K. Chauhan
Inter-District disparities in the socio-economic development of Himachal Pradesh
R.K. Tripathi and Nitin Tanwar
Determinants of farm income among small holders in Andhra Pradesh
R. Saidhar, K. Umadevi, D.V.S. Rao, and V. Srinivasarao
Economic analysis of major kharif crops in Chhattisgarh
Neha Lakra, A.K. Gauraha and K.N.S. Banafar
Climate led vulnerability assessment vis-à-vis identification of rural problems of tribal farmers
Chandan Kumar Rai, Khajan Singh and Arti
Mitigating cancer mortality in Punjab: A challenge for development
Lavjit Kaur and Shalini Sharma
Income at the cost of education-A study of child labour in agricultural tool making units in Punjab
Navjot Kaur and Mini Goyal
Doubling farmers' income by 2022: The thaumaturgy yet to befall
Priyanka Lal, Binita Kumari, Tulika Kumari, Arti and Jagruti Das
Identifying different potential areas for enhancing farm income
Preeti Sharma, Lakhwinder Kaur and Vinita Pandey
Improving farmers' income by futures trading: A case study of chickpea in India
Rekha Rani, Harshita Tewari, P.K. Singh and Rakesh Singh
Impact of GST on agriculture: A review
Arti, Vinita Kanwal, Divya Pandey, Chandan Kumar Rai and Priyanka Lal
Historic! one nation, one tax GST
Suresh S. Patil, Yasmeen, N. Vijay Kumar and Satihal
GST and its implications on farm economy
Jasdeep Kaur
Implication of GST on Indian agriculture and agricultural marketing
Vijayalaxmi D. Khed and Gururaj Makarabbi
Cost-Return structure of crop farming on marginal and small farms in sub-mountainous region of Punjab
Navneet Singh and Jitender Mohan Singh
Levels, pattern and distribution of income among marginal and small farmers in rural areas of Haryana
Karamjeet Kaur and Rupinder Kaur
Impact of self-help groups in enhancing farm women income
Lakhwinder Kaur, Lavleesh Garg and Preeti Sharma
Impact of decentralised rainwater harvesting structures on farm income, variable input usage and livestock possession in semi-arid tracts of India: Regression analyses
Rishabh Kumar, I. Sekar,G.K. Jha, D.R. Singh and Rajeev Ranjan Kumar
An econometric analysis of farmer's distress in Andhra Pradesh: A logistic regression analysis
Srinivasa Rao Pasala
Income of Punjab farmers-A thorough analysis
Palwinder Kaur and Rupinder Kaur

A status analysis of export-import of livestock sector: A key sector for multiplying rural farm income in India
B.V. Pagire, Rupali Gawali and D.B. Yadav
Diversification of existing farming systems in Pune district of Maharashtra
R.B. Hile, D.B. Yadav and Y.C. Sale
Economic impact of non timber forest products on tribes of Chhattisgarh
Ravi Shrey, V. K. Choudhary and Chandresh Kumar Dhurwey
Importance of livestock sector in doubling farmers income by 2022
Priyanka Singh and Binita Kumari
A study into the marketing efficiency of eggs through different channels in Amritsar district of Punjab
Lavleen Kaur, Gurleen Kaur and Harpreet Singh
An analysis of marketing aspects in marine fishing-Tharuvaikulam, Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu
V. Kanaga, M. Rajakumar and A. Brita Nicy
Impact of dairy co-operatives on milk production, income and employment in Jaipur district of Rajasthan
Ramraj Prajapat, S.S. Jheeba and Vinod Kumar Verma
Marketing pattern and price spread of fish in Haryana
Suraj Choudhary, Neeraj Pawar, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, Jitender Bhatia and Sumit
Building the price forecasting model for cotton price in Kesinga market Odisha, India
K.J. Jishnu,Misha Madhavan M. and Ravi Dutt
Trade potential in livestock sector: Evidences from domestic and global level
Priyanka Agarwal, Rakesh Singh, Neelam Chouksey, Harshita Tewari and Rekha Rani
Diversification of agricultural crops to adapt to climate change: A case study of Gujarat
V. K. Gondaliya, Rachana Kumari Bansal and A. S. Shaikh
An economic analysis of silkworm cocoon production: A case study in Kolar district of Karnataka
N. Manjunatha, Wilson.W. Kispotta and  J. Ashoka
An analysis of prospects and problems of greenhouse gerbera cultivation in south Gujarat
Ruchira Shukla, Bhavesh Chaudhari, Swati Sharma and Tandel Jahnvi
Socio economic analysis and marketing channels of fish farmers in Nalgonda district of Telangana state
K. Suhasini and Shakuntala Devi I.
Profitability from green pea vis-a-vis competing crops-An alternative for increasing farmer's income in Punjab
Navneet Kaur, J.M. Singh and Raj Kumar
Rapeseed and mustard cultivation  in Bathinda district -An appraisal of productivity and profitability
Kamalpreet Kaur and Parminder Kaur
Analysis of growth, instability, modelling and forecasting of cotton production scenario in India
B.S. Dhekale, P.K. Sahu, K.P. Vishwajith and P. Mishra
Export competency of Indian spice industry 217 Archit Kumar Nayak, M. Anwarudheen and Dinesh Kumar
An economic analysis of aromatic rice in Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh
Urmila Bhagat and K.N.S. Banafar
Factors influencing crop diversification as a tool to twofold farmers' earnings in Uttarakhand
Swati Goswami, Harshika Choudhary and Asha Bisht
Economics of menthol mint cultivation in India: Shifting from traditional farming to income based farming
Harshika Choudhary, P.S. Badal, Virendra Singh and Rajani Osti
Marketable surplus and post-harvest losses of maize at producer level in tribal area of middle Gujarat
Ganga Devi, Balvant Pagi and Mahima Ghabru
Economic impact of Sardar variety of guava in Maharashtra
S.S.Bhosale, P.P Pawar and D.B. Yadav
Vegetable production technology for higher returns in Maharashtra
P.P. Pawar,  S.S. Bhosale and C.V. Pujari

Marketable surplus and price spread of potato in Uttarakhand
Ajay Kumar Singh, Ruchi Rani Gangwar and Asha Bisht
Casualty between cotton area and sesamum area in Andhra Pradesh state-An ARDL bounds testing approach
Pannala Divakar Reddy, T.M. Dinesh, Vijay Kumar N. and Safiyanu Umar Maiadua
Study of economics of paddy cultivation under transplantation, system of rice intensification (SRI) and direct seeding in Warangal district of  Andhra Pradesh
R. Vijaya Kumari, D.A. Rajini Devi, P. Divakar Reddy and T.M. Dinesh
Roadmap for doubling the millet farmers' income by 2021-22
B. Dayakar Rao, Deep Narayan Mukherjee, B. Venkatesh Bhat and Vilas A.Tonapi
Protected cultivation of capsicum in Haryana
Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, Jitender Kumar Bhatia and Shiv Prakash
Income and employment from winter vegetables vis-à-vis competing crop wheat in Punjab
Randeep Kaur, Amanpreet Kaur and Sandeep Singh
Yield and economic analysis of tamarind under agroforestry system in Tamil Nadu to enhance farmers income
A. Rohini, C. Cinthia Fernandaz, V. Karthick and K.T. Parthiban
Growth of area, yield and agricultural production in Punjab (1966-2015)-A case for diversification for better returns and agricultural sustainability
Bhupinder Kaur
Doubling of farmer's income by vegetable crop production under polyhouse
Parveen Kumar, R.S. Chauhan, Nitin Tanwar, R.K. Grover and Raj Kumar
Extent of crop diversification in Maharashtra 301 V.D. Waiwal, U.S.  Bondar,
A.V. Gavali and D.S. Navadkar
Impact assessment of chickpea (Chana) price forecast advice on economic status of the farmers
Saumitra Mathur and Surjeet Singh Dhaka
Trends and constraints of onion production in Haryana
Raj Kumar, Anil Kumar Rathee, Dalip Bishnoi and Sumit
Economics of rice cultivation in west Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh and strategies to reduce cost of cultivation
A. Samarpitha, N. Vasudev and K. Suhasini
Price fluctuation and market integration of chilli  crop in Telangana state
K. Mokshayani, T. Lavanya and S.M. Jainuddin
A critical analysis on economics and constraints in chilli cultivation in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh
Vijay Kumar Patel, S.P. Gupta and G.L. Sharma
Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) cultivation for increasing income and promoting health benefits in Punjab
D.K. Grover and Parminder Kaur
Growth, instability and resource use efficiency of jowar-random effects approach
T.M. Dinesh, K. Suhasini, Pannala Divakar Reddy and  Y. Manohar
Growth and instability of rice production in India
Y. Manohar, S.M. Jainuddin, T.M. Dinesh and Pannala Divakar Reddy
Value chain of groundnut- An analysis of constraints and opportunities ahead
Shakuntala Devi. I, K. Suhasini and B. Neeraja Prabhakar
Enhancing farmer's income through crop diversification: A case of contract farming of chicory cultivation in Punjab agriculture
Parminderjeet Singh and Baljinder Kaur Sidana
Adoption and impact of paddy production technology in Maharashtra
D.B. Yadav and R.B. Hile
Farm-size efficiency relationship in Punjab agriculture: Evidences from cost of cultivation survey
Jaspal Singh, S.K. Srivastava, Amrit Pal Kaur, Rajni Jain, Kingsly Immaneulraj S.S. Raju and Parminder Kaur

How efficient are our paddy farmers? An economic analysis of technical efficiency and changing cost structure in paddy production across Indian states
Sulakshana Rao C. and R. Balasubramanian
Impact of forest development programme on livelihood of rural people in Nainital district of Uttarakhand
Vinita Kanwal, Divya Pandey and K. Suhasini
Optimum farm plans for Tamirabarani river basin in Tirunelveli district -A multi objective programming approach
A. Revathy and D. David Rajasekar
Economic analysis of milk production by small and medium sized dairy farmers in Punjab
Ravneet Singh Brar, Inderpreet Kaur, Varinder Pal Singh and Shruti Chopra
Bio-intensive complementary cropping systems to revitalize sustainability and profitability in Punjab agriculture
S.S. Walia, C.S. Aulakh, Vikrant Dhawan and Jaspreet Kaur
Protected cultivation of tomato in Haryana
Jitender Kumar Bhatia, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi and Nirmal Kumar
Economic impact of improved finger millet variety (GPU 8) in Karnataka-An economics surplus approach
K. Suresh and M.G. Chandrakanth  
Correlates of socio-economic and psychological characteristics of the dairy farmers with the adoption of improved management practices
Parmveer Singh and Vipan Kumar Rampal
Sustainability of livestock sector in Punjab 413 S.P. Subash and Parminder Kaur
Impact assessment on adoption of weed management practices in sugarcane by the farmers in Madhya Pradesh
Varsha Shrivastava, N.K. Khare and Kinjulck C. Singh
Policies and strategies for livestock development in India
Yasmeen, Vijaykumar N., Ravindra Chavan and Suresh S. Patil
Increasing farm productivity, income and employment through farming system approach: A review of concepts, constraints and issues
Divya Sharma, Virender Kumar and Harbans Lal
Adaptation and climate change: Challenges for doubling the farmers income
Narendra Singh and A.K. Leua
Adoption of integrated farming system-An approach for doubling small and marginal farmers income
M. Srinika, R. Vijaya Kumari, K. Suhasini and M.H.V. Bhave
Innovative approaches for rural livelihood security through integrated farming system (IFS)
Vijaykumar N., Suresh S. Patil, D.G. Satihal and Yasmeen
Capsicum cultivation under protected technology for higher income
Manjeet Kaur, M.K. Sekhon, Amrit Kaur Mahal, H.S. Kingra and Rakhi Arora
Estimating the determinants and factors affecting the profitability of small dairy farms in Punjab
Gurpreet Singh Gill, Narinder Deep Singh and Taptej Singh
Adequacy of green fodder in commercial dairy farms of Punjab
Ranjodh Singh and Poonam Kataria
Water resource usage patterns for strategic crop production
Mandeep Kumar Pujara, Narinderpal Singh and Gurpreet Kaur
Gamification: The next growth story
Arshjeet Bajwa and Pratibha Goyal
Impact of national food security mission-pulses on state-wise area production and yield trends in India
Nanda Kumar Maharjan and D.K. Grover
Economic analysis of value added product phule drinks (Mango)
V.G. Pokharkar, K.G. Sonawane and S.A. Kadam
Adverse effect of land degradation on farm productivity and income in north-west India
R. Raju, K. Thimmappa, Parveen Kumar, Satyendra Kumar and R.S. Tripathi

Application of moving averages: An empirical study of selected commodity future indices
Jasleen Kaur and Dilraj Kaur
Impact of national rural health mission (NRHM) on women health-A study of Jalandhar district
Nishtha Panjgotra and Sukhdev Singh
Work life balance among executives in manufacturing sector in Ludhiana
Pratibha Goyal, Sukhmani and Pravleen Kaur
Feminization of agriculture: A dream project
Pradeep Joliya Shilpi, Amita Maurya and V. Kamalvanshi
Paddy waste management: A research review
Shaina Jain
An economic evaluation of aonla candy processing unit
K.G. Sonawane, V.G. Pokharkar and R.R. Nirgude
Economic analysis of ready to eat snack food-spicy paneer
Mithilesh Mahadev Watharkar, S. Siva Kumar, Varinder Pal Singh and Rajender Kumar
A study on jaggery production export status and doubling farmer income in potential district of Maharashtra
S. Mani Kandan, M.P. Anees Ajmal, Sorate Vicky Vilas and Gurbir Singh
Development and economics of artificial additives free rose syrup from desi rose
Ashwani Kumar, Amarjeet Kaur, Karanvir Gill and Poonam Aggarwal
An economic analysis of value addition of paddy into flakes rice in Balodabazar-Bhatapara district of Chhattisgarh
Leelesh Kumar Sahu and Mohamed Arshad Ayub
Economic evaluation of functional goat meat patties to supplement farm returns
Dinesh Krofa, Manish K. Chatli, Varinder Pal Singh,  and Nitin Mehta
An analytical study of rural women entrepreneurship to enhance income in Punjab
Sangeet and Parminder Kaur
Export status of processed agricultural food products in India
Rachana K. Bansal, V.K. Gondaliya, A.S. Shaikh and Jignesh Macwan
Cost analysis and pilot consumers study of omega  3 enriched fruit yoghurt
S. Siva Kumar, B.V. Balasubramanyam, K. Jayaraj Rao, P.K. Dixit and Varinder Pal Singh
Consumer satisfaction in e-shopping: An overview
Prateek Kalia, Navdeep Kaur and Tejinderpal Singh
Accessibility of marginal and small farmers to institutional credit in south western Punjab
Dinesh Kumar and Arjinder Kaur
Improving the income of small scale rice producers through outgrower scheme in the volta region of Ghana
Richard Kwasi Bannor, Helena Oppong-Kyeremeh and Emmanuel Adjei-Addo
Impact of IWMP on land use and cropping pattern in central India
H.K. Niranjan, H.O. Sharma and Deepak Rathi
Impact of growing e-commerce on Indian farmers
Surjeet Singh Dhaka
Farm women empowerment through income generating activities: A study of Bikaner district of Rajasthan
M.P. Anees Ajmal, S. Mani Kandan, Deepika Tiwari and Satyveer Singh Meena
The impact of agricultural credit guarantee scheme fund (ACGSF) to agricultural produce in Nigeria
J. Usman, P.K. Singh and O.P. Singh
An economic analysis of impact on income and employment of rural SHG women through SHG enterprise
R.D. Shelke, K.V. Deshmukh and R.V. Chavan
Impact of crop insurance on farmers' income in Pune district of Maharashtra
Siddesh Sudhir Mote, Amita Sharma, Shubhaom Panda and Rakesh Rathore
An analysis of transformation of agro-skills into income through vocational trainings
Narinderpal Singh, Sangeet, Raminder Kaur and Parvinder Singh

Adoption of water saving technologies in Patiala district of Punjab
Navdeep Kaur, Prabhjot Kaur and Pankaj Kumar
Dissemination and utilization of market information system by farmers and traders for maize crop in Haryana
Veer Sain, K.K. Kundu, V.P. Mehta and Sanjay Bhyan
Market information system in regulated markets of Haryana
Sanjay, Sanjay Kumar, Moro Seidu and Veer Sain
Cooperative banks in Haryana-Trends and challenges in pathways of doubling the farmers' income:
An empirical analysis Suman Gill, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi , Jitender Kumar Bhatia and Ashok Dhillon
A study on warehousing space analysis for increasing rural income in Vidisha and Ganjbasoda districts of Madhya Pradesh 
Vikash Kumawat, Sumit Ranjan and Anees Ajmal
Strengthening SPS management capacity in India to enhance competitiveness and better realisation by farmers
Asha Bisht, Harshika Choudhary and Ruchi Gangwar
Market-led-extension: Scope and challenges in the present scenario
Rajwinder Kaur, Rupinder Kaur and Parmveer Singh
Farmers' knowledge on organic manures and crop residue management in Haryana
Rajesh Bhatia, S.K. Mehta, B.S. Ghanghas, V.P. Mehta, and Pankaj Bhatia
Impact of KVK's home science training programme in rural development
Charanjeet Kaur and Lavleesh Garg
Growth, demand and supply of quality seeds of pulses in India
Ravindra Chavan, Suresh S. Patil, S.M. Jainuddin, and Yasmeen
Perceived impact of the stakeholders regarding agricultural subsidies in Punjab
Anupam Anand and Manmeet Kaur
Role of affiliate marketing in today's era: A review
Rupali Gupta, Babita Kumar and Gagandeep Banga
Impact of women dairy co-operative societies on marketed surplus of milk in Bihar
Binita Kumari, Ravinder Malhotra, Priyanka Singh and Priyanka Lal
Economics of storage of onion in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan
Swati Sharma, Rajeev Jain, Alpesh Leua and Ruchira Shukla
Doubling the farmer income by cooperative sugar factory- A case study of Shree Vighnahar cooperative sugar factory in Maharashtra
Shruthi Gadhe, Karande Priyanka, Srihari Theetla and S. Manikandan
Export opportunity of agricultural commodities of India: Revealed comparative advantage approach
Alpesh leua, Pooja Gamit, Narendra Singh and Gautam Parmar
Crop insurance products in India: An approach for risk management in agriculture
S.M. Jainuddin and Shruthi Gadhe
Income enhancement through group processing and marketing of natural rubber: A study of
rubber producers' society (RPS) in Kerala Arsha Balakrishnan, Laishram Priscilla, G. Balaganesh, M. Gururaj and A.K. Chauhan
Sustainable groundwater management in India-Challenges and prospects
Gurkaranbir Singh
Strategy of minimizing the cost of cultivation vis-à-vis boosting farm income of small-holder maize farmers in Niger state of Nigeria using efficiency measurement system (EMS)
M.S. Sadiq, I.P. Singh, M.A. Isah, I.J.Grema and S.M. Umar
Promoting win-win farmer-industry interaction: Case of good agricultural practices
Mohit Sharma, Rajesh Sharma and Aditi Mathur
Application of conjoint analysis for consumer preference evaluation of ragi in Karnataka
Veerabhadrappa Bellundagi, K.B.Umesh, H.S. Roopa and S.C. Rav

Stress, coping mechanisms and its socio-economic impact on organisations-A review
Kamalpreet Kaur, Prabhjot Kaur and Pankaj Kumar
Role of MGNREGS in employment generation, wage-income and assets created in different states of rural India: A source for doubling farm income
Syed Rizwan Ahmed, Sanjay Kumar, Jasdev Singh and Murtuza Khan
Dissection of weather parameters for forecasting oilseed crops yield
Neelam Chouksey, G.C. Mishra, Priyanka Agarwal and Y. Satish
Present status of monetary compensation to the victims of agricultural accidents in Punjab
Gaurav Dewan, Naresh Kumar Chhuneja and Gagandeep Goyal
Rehabilitation and monetary compensation policy for agricultural accidents victims
Naresh Kumar Chhuneja
A methodological pathway to quantify livelihood security of the farmers: A confluence of alfares and FAO approach to frame an index
S.P. Lal, K.S. Kadian, S.K. Jha, Workneh Abebe and Jaya. P. Lokhande