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Yield and Economic Analysis of Tamarind under Agroforestry # System in Tamil Nadu to Enhance Farmers Income


A. Rohini , C. Cinthia Fernandaz, V. Karthick and K.T. Parthiban



Agroforestry system with the integration of perennial woody trees is most suitable technology for increasing total productivity of food, feed, fuel and thereby reducing the risk of farming and increasing the income of farmers. This study analyses the economics and yield of tamarind under agroforestry system in Tamil Nadu. The major objectives of the study are to prepare the fruit yield table and analyze the economics of tamarind cultivation. Dindigul, Theni, Madurai and Krishnagiri districts were selectedand80 farmers were enquired. Fruit yield from the bearing till their economic yield stage and the cost and returns from tamarind were collected and fruit yield table was prepared. The calculated value of BCR, NPVand IRR are 3.20, 98164.48 and 24.6047 indicating the feasibility of tamarind cultivation.

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