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Work Life Balance among Executives in Manufacturing Sector in Ludhiana


Pratibha Goyal, Sukhmani*, and Pravleen Kaur



Determining the Work life balance (WLB) of employees is an important consideration for employers interested in improving employee’s contribution towards work. The purpose of this research was to investigate the work life balance among executives in manufacturing sector in Ludhiana. Seven WLB variables were namely self, family, technology, leisure, money, change and time management were examined. The results showed the level of work life balance and the practices followed by employees and management to improve work life balance among executives. According to the findings of the research, the achievement of better work-life balance can yield dividends for employers in terms of: having a more motivated, productive and less stressed workforce that feels valued; attracting a wider range of candidates, such as older part-time workers; increased productivity and reduced absenteeism; gaining the reputation of being an employer of choice; retaining valued employees; achieving reduced costs; and maximizing available labour.

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