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The Impact of Water on Key Health and Social Outcomes: Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries




Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 16 No. SS, 2020, 378-383
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Kuldeep Kaur
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Eternal University, BaruSahib-173101, Sirmaur (Himachal Pradesh)

Universal access to safe drinking water is one of the keys and important goals from a total of 17 sustainable development targets initiated by the United Nations which have to be achieved by 2030. As many as 1.1 billion people in the world are still living with inadequate access to safe drinking water. In the present study, an attempt was made to analyze the impact of inadequate access to safe drinking water on the different aspects of human life such as health, education and labour force participation rate. The present paper was based on secondary data. The study explores a comparative situation of universal access to safe drinking water in the developed world and inadequate access to the developing one. The problem of access to safe drinking water is more severe in developing countries, predominantly in rural areas. Most of the countries with low access to safe drinking water perform poorly in different health and education related variables. Moreover, the results of the bivariate correlation of developing countries proved that the life expectancy at birth and female labour force participation rate are directly correlated with water coverage of total population whereas, infant mortality rate and mortality rate under five years of age is inversely correlated to the total population with water coverage. In nutshell, it was observed that the greater access to adequate safe drinking water positively affects the outcome of health, educational attainments, and the female labour force participation rate.

Developed and developing countries, education, health, water.

JEL Codes
I15, Q01, Q25, Q28.

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