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Sustainability of Livestock Sector in Punjab


S.P. Subash and Parminder Kaur



Livestock sector is one of the most important and fastest growing agricultural subsectors in Punjab. Owing to the changing dynamics of the sector, present study was conducted to assess the sustainability of the sector in the state. The study was carried out for three agro-climatic zones (Zone-I, Zone-II, and Zone-II) for four periods (1997, 2003 and 2007, 2012). Sustainability was measured by developing an index quantifying the basic three pillar model of sustainability; social, economic and ecological dimensions. The results revealed that the sustainability of the state is increasing over the study period. The main reasons attributed are increase in highly productive stock with improvement in ecological externalities. Significant negative trade-off between livestock sustainability and economic sustainability and positive trade-off with ecological was observed. Three scenarios for development of the sector was postulated for three agro-climatic zones in the state. The sector is a viable option for promotion for sustainable income generation among agricultural subsectors in the state.

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