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Price Fluctuation and Market Integration of Chilli Crop in Telangana State


K. Mokshayani, T. Lavanya and S.M. Jainuddin



The objectives of the study are to known the price fluctuation and long run relationship between chilli markets in Telangana state. The secondary data were collected from DES, Hyderabad. The study reveals that in both the Khammam and Warangal markets, the highest and lowest arrivals of seasonal indices were observed during the month of March and January, respectively. The study indicates that prices series are stationary in first difference logarithm. The results of Johannsen’s cointegration test showed that the price series as cointegrated and the results of the Granger causality test indicated that in the long run there was a two direction relationship between market prices of Khammam and Warangal.

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