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Present Status of Monetary Compensation to the Victims of Agricultural Accidents in Punjab


Gaurav Dewan,Naresh Kumar Chhuneja and Gagandeep Goyal



The Government of Punjab is providing monetary compensation since 1984 to the victims of agricultural accidents through Punjab State Marketing Board. The compensation rate, fixed at `12,000/- in case of loss of life, was revised regularly to `2,00,000 at present. Monetary compensation amounting to about Rupees 8.3 million is being provided to more than 1800 agricultural accidents victims per year of Punjab state. Chaff cutter (34.7 per cent), threshers and harvesters (21.2 per cent), snake bites (7.9 per cent), electrocutions at tube-well motors (6.8 per cent), poisoning due to pesticides (7.0 per cent), tractors (3.0 per cent are involved in agricultural accidents resulting to death (32.1 per cent) or permanent physical injury to the victims (67.9 per cent). All the recorded agricultural accidents related to snake bites, electric motors and pesticides were fatal in nature. All the chaff cutter and thresher related accidents were non-fatal in nature resulting into amputation injuries of fingers (67.5 per cent), hands (18.2 per cent) and arms (10.5 per cent). Interventions are needed for creating awareness and development of safety devices and gadgets so as to reduce agricultural accidents. Similar monetary compensation scheme may be adopted by other states, so that agricultural accidents victims may be rehabilitated.

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