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Perceived Impact of the Stakeholders Regarding Agricultural Subsidies in Punjab


Anupam Anand* and Manmeet Kaur



The agricultural subsidies have become an integral part of the farmer as well as the country’s economy. The subsidies are provided to ensure equal utilization of the resources by all the section of farmers. But with time these subsidies have been criticized and the major question that has arisen in front of the policy-makers is that do we really need these subsidies? To answer this, we need to look on the positive and negative impacts of the agricultural subsidies and by far the negative impacts are more than that of positive impacts. This study tries to bring forth the perceptions of the stakeholders on the impact of agricultural subsidies in Punjab. The analysis was based on the survey of 180 farmers, 20 economists and 20 extension personnel all involved in the virtuous as well as the vicious circle of the working of agricultural subsidies. This analysis can serve as the base for rectifying the existing policies on these subsidies so as to encourage the farmers to remain in this sector and at the same time boost their socio-economic conditions then supporting their livelihoods.

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