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Income and Employment from WinterVegetables vis-à-vis Competing Crop Wheat in Punjab


Randeep Kaur, Amanpreet Kaur and Sandeep Singh



The study revealed that one hectare of land put under Cauliflower crop provided employment to the extent of (657 hours) per hectare as compare to pea (538 hours) per hectare and wheat (288 hours) per hectare. Cauliflower crop was the most employment generating crop in the sample district. The analysis reveals an average farm family spends `81651 per hectare as total variable cost as compared to cauliflower (`45603) per hectare and wheat (`25934) per hectare. The comparative analysis of the return from vegetable and wheat crop reveals that pea yielded the maximum returns to the farmer followed by cauliflower and wheat. Wheat is least paying crop to the farmer whereas pea is paying maximum and cauliflower is second more in order. The regression analysis reveals that area, family labour and plant protection were found to the positively significant for pea. In case of cauliflower crop area, age of the respondent and family labour was positively significant and in case of wheat crop agronomic practices, irrigation, and manure and fertilizer were positively significant.

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