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Impact of Women Dairy Co-Operative Societies on Marketed Surplus of Milk in Bihar


Binita Kumari*, Ravinder Malhotra, Priyanka Singh and Priyanka Lal



The study has analysed the impact of membership of women in dairy co-operative society on the marketed surplus of milk. The study has been conducted in Begusarai district of Bihar by collecting data from 80 member and 80 non-member milk producing households which were stratified into small (<4), medium (5-6) and large (>6) herd size categories. Marketed surplus has a direct relationship with income earned by the household. So it is important to raise the marketed surplus in order to achieve the target of doubling farmers’ income by 2022. A higher marketed surplus indicates higher income for the household. The study concluded that the marketed surplus of milk for member households was morethan non-member households. Other factors, besides, membership in women dairy co-operative society, which had a positive and significant influence on marketed surplus of milk were price of milk and herd size. Thus,the study has concluded that Women Dairy Co-operatives are instrumental in improving marketed surplus thereby, enhancing the income of the households.

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