Indian Journal of Economics and Development: Forthcoming Issue

Impact of Self-help Groups in Enhancing Farm Women Income


Lakhwinder Kaur, Lavleesh Garg and Preeti Sharma



The study focussed on the economic, social and managerial impacts of self help groups in enhancing income. The study was conducted in three cultural zones of Punjab. A sample of 200 members of self help groups belonging to these zones were the respondents of the study. An interview schedule was used to document the impact of self help groups. The findings of the study revealed that women who never used to step outside the four walls of their home became business women and started supplementing their family income. The economic benefits gained from enrolling in the groups were received higher price of their products instead of selling individually (91 per cent) and understood banking operations to avail credit facility(81.50 per cent). A large number of women in Punjab developed courage to think independently (99.50 per cent), understood group activities (96 per cent) and managed group activities (95.50 per cent) after joining the group. Furthermore the social empowerment of the members in terms of team spirit (97 per cent), talking freely within family (94per cent), and confidence in dealing with people (95.50 per cent) were enhanced. It indicates that self help groups bring economic upliftment, leadership skills in managing the group and inculcate great confidence in the members of selected groups to succeed in their day to day life.

Sixth National Seminar 2020

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