Indian Journal of Economics and Development: Forthcoming Issue

Impact of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) on Women Health-A Study of Jalandhar District


Nishtha Panjgotra and Sukhdev Singh



The study conducted on 120 beneficiaries of NRHM to assess the role of NRHM led to conclusion that most of the respondents belonged to Schedule Caste category. Beside the pregnancy large number of women respondents was suffering from anaemia, heart problem, hypertension allergy etc. The study showed that nearly one-third of the respondents go for their check-up during pregnancy in private hospitals. Most of the respondents also informed that they did not get free provision of blood during surgery under JSSK scheme of NRHM. Availability of less doctors, Para-medical staff and low ambulance at the time of delivery were the main problems found during study

Sixth National Seminar 2020

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