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Impact of National Food Security Mission-Pulses on State-wise Area Production and Yield Trends in India


Nanda Kumar Maharjan* and D. K. Grover



To cease stagnation in production of pulses in India, various initiatives have been undertaken by government periodically over five decades. Among various initiatives, National Food Security Mission (NFSM) – Pulses was launched in 2007-08 to strengthen production base of pulses in India. The present study is an attempt to evaluate the impact of NFSM-Pulses on state-wise area, production and yield in India. Growth rate was estimated for different periods and compared with period after start of NFSM-Pulses to evaluate the growth impact on area, production and yield in different states. The study revealed that significant growth in area and production was observed in Punjab, Bihar, West Bengal Madhya Pradesh post NFSM-Pulses initiation. The yield performance after NFSM-Pulses initiation increased in all the states of eastern zones along with significant increase in Karnataka and Gujarat. The study also emphasized on exploiting production potential of pulses in niche states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat by further strengthening of NFSM-Pulses program.

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