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Impact Assessment on Adoption of Weed Management Practices in Sugarcane by the Farmers in Madhya Pradesh


Varsha Shrivastava, N.K. Khare, Kinjulck C. Singh



The study was undertaken with the objective to assess the impact on the basis of adoption of weed management practices before and after intervention. In order to achieve the objective of the study five villages from Saikheda block were selected randomly. Finding of study revealed that 67.86 per cent farmers had their own tractor and 70.53 per cent had owned hand operated sprayer. The area under sugarcane crop is increases after intervention of weed management practices and productivity of sugarcane crop was also increased after intervention. It is also revealed from study that before intervention 73.64 per cent farmers used Bakhar for mechanical control of weeds and after intervention 88.39 per cent used tractor drawn implement to control weeds while none of the farmers adopted chemical control method before intervention and after intervention majority of farmers (88.00 per cent) applied 24-D only whereas 12.00 per cent farmers applied 2, 4-D and Metribuzin both to control weeds.

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