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Growth, Instability and Resource Use Efficiency of Jowar-Random Effects Approach


T.M. Dinesh*, K. Suhasini, Pannala Divakar Reddy and Y. Manohar



In India, agriculture sector continued to play an important role in the economy by providing livelihood for nearly two third of population. Jowar is one of the rainfed crop which can be grown both kharif and rabi seasons. The present study was conducted on time series data of jowar area, production and yield from the period 1950-51 to 2014-15 and panel data for a period of 1997-2014. The study particularly aims at examining the growth and instability of area, production and yield of jowar crop in India and resource use efficiency of Jowar in India. The trend lines show a percentage decrease in both area and production but productivity was slightly increasing. The growth rates in area, production and yield was calculated using compound growth rates. Panel data analysis random effects in the jowar data (1997-2014) and its Resource use efficiency indicates decreasing returns to scale

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