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Growth and Economic Profitability of Castor Cultivation in the Semi-arid Zone of Haryana




Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 16 No. SS, 2020, 300-305
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Nirmal Kumar1, Neeraj Pawar2, D.P. Malik3, Sumit4 and Dalip Kumar Bishnoi2
1Assistant Director Training (FM), 2AssistantScientist, 3Professor and Head, 4AssistantProfessor
Department of Agricultural Economics, CCS Haryana Agricultural University Hisar, 125004 (India)
Corresponding author’s email:

The present study was carried out in three districts viz; Rewari, Sirsa and Hisar of Haryana state. A survey of 60 sampled farms was conducted to extract information pertaining to various expenses incurred in cultivation of castor and output attained as well as to ascertain the perception of farmers for various problems encountered in production and marketing of castor seed. The descriptive analysis was employed to draw valid inferences from the study. The results revealed that net profit accrued from cultivation of castor seed was ₹ 46331 ha -1 in the study area. The value of B: C ratio of castor cultivation was more than one and also higher as compared to prevalent cropping systems indicated that cultivation of castor seed is economical viable entity. However, production constraints like retention of F2 seed in the field over year, grain scattering, shortage of irrigation water, frost effect on crop yield and marketing constraints like absence of MSP, higher transportation cost sale of castor seed in distant markets, frequent fluctuation in market price, non-availability of processing units were observed.

B-C ratio, castor seed, constraints, marketing, production, profitability.

JEL Codes
D31, H31, H57, J41, M13, M31.

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