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Farmers’ Knowledge on Organic Manures and Crop Residue Management in Haryana


Rajesh Bhatia*, S.K. Mehta*, B.S. Ghanghas, V.P. Mehta, and Pankaj Bhatia



People are now talking of organic agricultural inputs for sustainable agriculture. The poor production/stagnant production with poor soil health is because of low application of organic manures and crop residues. To mitigate these harmful effects, the concept of organic farming has emerged. It is a production system, which favours maximum use of organic materials like crop residues, FYM, compost, green manure, oil cakes to improve soil health. The analysis indicated that knowledge percentage about organic manures and crop residues was found 65.57 per cent. Knowledge of farmers among various organic manures and crop residues aspects, the ‘time and quantity of farm yard manure required’ ranked first.

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  • Contents IJED 15(4) 2019

  • Proceeding of 22.07.2019
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