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Farm Women Empowerment through Income Generating Activities: A study of Bikaner District of Rajasthan


M.P. Anees Ajmal*, S. Mani Kandan, Deepika Tiwari and Satyveer Singh Meena



The agricultural scenario in rural India presents a very intricate picture of role of women and activities related to complete farm production. In fact, rural women and agriculture seems to be synonymous terms. Many experts on evolution opined that it was the women who are responsible for settled agriculture. Farming is a family enterprise in which both men and women work shoulder to shoulder in the fields. Women’s participation in agriculture production includes a variety of tasks ranging from preparatory tillage to the harvesting and post harvesting tasks. Almost 70-80 per cent of the agricultural operations are done by women. Empowerment of the farm women in income generating activities is a current need of the time in an agrarian country like, India. Addressing these issues how Empowerment of farm women doubling the income activities are discussed in the paper.

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