Indian Journal of Economics and Development: Forthcoming Issue

Export Opportunity of Agricultural Commodities of India: Revealed Comparative Advantage Approach


Alpesh Leua*, Pooja Gamit, Narendra Singh and Gautam Parmar



The doubling the income of farmers are possible by different ways, out all trade in international market or produce that product which has comparative advantages over the world agricultural market. Thus we to try to understand the comparative advantage of India’s in cereals, legumes, horticulture crops & products, livestock & products and processed product trade with the world agricultural export market and also find the position of new entrant in the agricultural in context to International market . To study India’s competitiveness, index is calculated, the revealed comparative advantage (RCA). Using author’s calculation based on data collected from source of USDA foreign agriculture services analysis, USA. For better understanding of sector specific comparative advantages, in the study total world agricultural export taken instead of total world export. The Index results indicate that India has a strikingly high comparative advantage and specialization in rice, groundnut, pulses, fresh onion, guar gum, fresh mango, fresh grapes, and fruits and vegetables seeds and specialization over the world agricultural exports. It further revealed that the India has also developed comparative advantage in processed products categories as in cucumber& gherkins, dried& preserved vegetables, milled products and other fruits vegetables and in livestock product the albumin, buffalo meat and casein.

Sixth National Seminar 2020

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