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Estimating the Determinants and Factors Affecting the Profitability of Small Dairy Farms in Punjab


Gurpreet Singh Gill, Narinder Deep Singh and Taptej Singh



The present study was undertaken to evaluate the economic viability of small dairy farmers in terms of herd size and animal type in Faridkot district of Punjab. Simple random sampling technique was used and a sample of 100 farmers was selected from two blocks of Faridkot district for primary data collection. Selected respondents were classified according to herd size and animal type. In the case of animal type, the highest net returns per animal per year were `42712, in the case of mixed composition as compared to only buffaloes or only cows i.e. `39680 and `37060, respectively. However, in the case of herd size, net returns per farm were `142154, 312536 and 453122 for categories of number of animals less than 5, 6-10 and above 10, respectively. Cobb-Douglas analysis showed that independent variables herd size, animal shed and veterinary expenses are significant and have positive relation with total returns.

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