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Economic Impact of Sardar Variety of Guava in Maharashtra


S.S.Bhosale , P.P Pawar .and D.B. Yadav



In Maharashtra Sardar Guava cultivated in 40,000 ha with annual production of 3.24 lakh metric tonnes and productivity of 8.1 t/ha. The grafts of Lukhnow-49 sold were 5,51,521 from the year 1931 to 2016 and it has replaced 1991 hectares of area under Local varieties of guava and other crops like sugarcane. The benefit–cost ratio of an investment made in Lukhnow-49 research was observed 1.35 in Maharashtra and growers were largely benefitted due to adoption of technology and the research. The additional returns in cultivation of Lukhnow-49 variety of guava were of `55,282/ha and economic impact was `28.94 crores for the year 2015-16.

Sixth National Seminar 2020

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