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Economic Impact of Improved Finger Millet Variety (GPU 28) in Karnataka-An Economics Surplus Approach


K.Suresh and M.G. Chandrakanth



The paper attempts to measure the economic impact of new technology by using economic surplus approach. The finding of the study shows that the total economic surplus due to GPU 28 variety of finger millet is `1540.38 crores from 1986 to 2010. The consumer’s surplus formed 56.13 per cent while the producer’s surplus formed 43.8 7per cent. Thus, consumers relatively benefited more than producers. The net present value due to GPU 28 ragi (finger millet) is `556.91 crores at 5 per cent discount rate yielding an IRR of 79 per cent indicating economic worthiness of investment on ragi (finger millet) research for developing variety GPU 28. The GPU 28 Variety of finger millet has been adopted in more than 50 per cent of finger millet area in Karnataka.

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