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Economic Evaluation of Functional Goat Meat Patties to Supplement Farm Returns


Dinesh Krofa*, Manish K. Chatli, Varinder Pal Singh, and Nitin Mehta



The sensory evaluation and economics for the development of functional goat meat patties using various levels of algal DHA oil (ADO) was worked out with an aim to harness the resource of goat population of the country and demand of functional foods in national and international markets. The protocol for product manufacture was finalised after standardisation of formulation and process. ADO was added at three different levels viz. 0.5per cent, 1.0per cent and 1.5per cent (T1, T2 and T3 respectively) for comparison with control. The sensory scores of T2 group was highest (P<0.05) for overall acceptability and was selected for production and the economics was worked out for comparison with control. The net return and the margin of safety increased and the break even output was achieved earlier in the T2 group compared to control for 20 kg daily capacity of finished product. The benefit cost ratios were equal for both the groups. On scaling up the business to 100 kg/day production, returns were higher, breakeven output was achieved quite earlier and margin of safety increased compared to 20 kg/day production indicating higher profitability of the business at large scale. The adoption of manufacturing of functional goat meat patties as business enterprise can help in generating income and employment in the era of increasing demand of agricultural diversification towards allied enterprises.

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