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Economic Analysis of Value Added Product Phule Drinks (Mango)


V.G. Pokharkar, K.G. Sonawane and S.A. Kadam



Mango occupies a prominent place among the fruits grown in India because of its great utility. The processed products viz; Phule (Mango) drinks, are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The Phule (Mango) drink was selected for study as it is produced and marketed on large scale at jurisdiction of University. The quantity of Mango used for processing was 983 kg. The total cost on account of raw material (Mango) was `39320. The quantity of Phule drinks produced from 983 kg mango was 2496 lit with the recovery of 253.92 per cent. The processing cost was `54.20 per litre. The Phule drinks have a net profit of `14244.39. The added gross returns were `110440 while net returns were `14244.39. The benefit cost ratio in RTS Phule(Mango) drinks processing was 1.11 at counter sale, indicated that each rupee invested fetched higher returns from this processed products. It is recommended to commercialize the processing of value added product viz; Phule (Mango) drink and make it popular in domestic and urban market at University level or through Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

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