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Economic Analysis of Ready to Eat Snack Food-Spicy Paneer


Mithilesh Mahadev Watharkar, S. Siva Kumar*, Varinder Pal Singh and Rajender Kumar



Spicy paneer was prepared by addition of oleoresins of ginger, green chilli, cumin and black pepper. Spice oleoresins are the concentrated liquid form of the spice and reproduce the character of the respective spice and spice oil fully. Spicy paneer using oleoresins is the new ready to eat snack food. Oleoresins are economical, with easier quality control, require lesser storage space, longer shelf life, no bacterial contamination and are a convenient substitute for ground spices with a standardized taste and aroma .Total cost of production of spicy paneer was worked out to be `213 per kg. Considering the prevailing market price of spicy paneer was `250 per kg, a profit of `37 per kg could be obtained which is a good profit margin for the commercial viability and sustainability of the product. The break even output was calculated at 8.94 kg of product which is much lower than the actual level of production providing enough margin of safety

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