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Drivers and Comparative Level of Consumption Expenditure and Nutritional Intake across Social and Religious Groups in Punjab: Empirical Evidence from NSSO Data




Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 16 No. SS, 2020, 348-353
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Shilpi Kapoor1 and Tawheed Nabi2
1Research Scholar and2Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-144402 (Punjab)
Corresponding author’s email:

The present study examined the monthly per capita consumption expenditure and nutrition intake across social and religious groups in Punjab. Furthermore, the drivers of monthly per capita consumption expenditure and calories intake were identified. It was found that the mean difference of the Sikh community was higher than the Hindus and Islamic community for calorie intake and higher than all the other communities in case of protein intake and fat intake of nutrition. There was no significant mean difference of the religious groups for monthly per capita consumption expenditure. However, in the case of social groups, the results were noticeable as the scheduled castes were having significantly lower mean difference for MPCE as well as the nutrition intake than the general class, but the OBC were having significantly lower mean difference for MPCE, calorie intake and fat intake than the general class. The scheduled tribes were having significantly lower mean difference for protein intake as compared to the general castes showed their deprived condition. The policies implemented by the government were unable to reach to these social groups. It was revealed from the results of two-stage feasible generalized least square model that all the variables significantly affected the MPCE but in case of the calorie intake, all variables except the Sikh household were significant statistically.

MPCEurp, Nutrition intake, religious group, social group.

JEL Codes
O10, O18, O150.

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