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Crop Insurance Products in India: An Approach for Risk Management in Agriculture


S.M. Jainuddin* and Shruthi Gadhe



The agricultural insurance is considered an important mechanism to effectively address the risk in agriculture. So, the objective of the paper is comparative study of agriculture insurance schemes implemented by government for risk management in agriculture sector. The study indicates that the Maharashtra farmers largely benefited from national agriculture insurance scheme and Rajasthan farmers are largely benefited from MNAIS and WBCIS. The study indicates that highest (Figure 1) number of farmers insured and benefited from NAIS scheme followed by WBCIS. Among the insurance scheme, highest area under insurance covered by NAIS scheme at around 3.39 lakh ha followed by WBCIS scheme. The highest claims were seen in case of national agriculture insurance scheme followed by WBCIS in India.

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