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Bio-intensive Complementary Cropping Systems to Revitalize # Sustainability and Profitability in Punjab Agriculture


S.S. Walia , C.S. Aulakh, Vikrant Dhawan and Jaspreet Kaur



This study aims to evaluate the effect of twelve crop sequences on productivity, profitability and water use efficiency. The results elucidated maximum rice equivalent yield for the cropping system of maize (furrow) + turmeric (bed) – wheat (bed) + linseed (furrow) (282.6 q/ha) which was followed by maize (furrow) + turmeric (bed) – barley (bed) + linseed (furrow) (264.4 q/ha),and basmati rice-radish- spring maize (237.4 q/ha) cropping systems. These cropping systems produced an additional rice equivalent yield of 107 to 152 q/ha and saved 10 to 165 cm irrigation water over the rice-wheat system. Maize (furrow) + turmeric (bed) – wheat (bed) + linseed (furrow) gave highest production efficiency (77.41 kg/day/ha), net returns (`2,89,483/ha) and proved to be a viable option to avail higher profitability for farmers in Punjab.

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