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An Economic Analysis of Impact on Income and Employment of Rural SHG Women through SHG Enterprise


R.D. Shelke, K.V. Deshmukh and R.V. Chavan



The SHGs have a role in hastening country’s economic development. The data were related to socio-economic characteristics, income, employment, market margin, constraints and suggestions of women in self help groups of Maharashtra were studied in the present paper. It is concluded that the percentage increase in income was 124.11 percent. Whereas, agriculture income was increased to 20.10 per cent. Non agriculture labour income and agriculture labour income decreased to 18.27 and 25.68 per cent respectively. The percentage increase in employment was 80.48 percent. Whereas agriculture employment was increased to 5.95 per cent. Agriculture labour employment and non agriculture labour employment decreased to 26.79 and 20.83 per cent, respectively.

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