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An Analysis of Transformation of Agro-Skills into Income through Vocational Trainings


Narinderpal Singh, Sangeet, Raminder Kaur and Parvinder Singh



Doubling the income of farmers by 2022 is on the high agenda of policy makers in India. For balanced development and growth, the farmers will have to search for regular employment opportunities to enhance the family income. To generate the regular on farm employment, the farmers can adopt one or more agro-based occupations and for this getting training is vital. Skill developments through trainings can help to bridge the enormous gap between the remarkable production achieved by the scientists and that by the farmers. Rural entrepreneurship is required for enhancement of income and employment among the rural masses. It was observed in the study that almost half of the skilled trainees in the study area utilized their skills to start a new venture. It indicates a tough path for improvements in income and employment generation in the rural areas. The main reasons for the limited transformation of skills into income generation were due to the marketing problems and paucity of the funds. Therefore, regulated and institutional marketing support system for agricultural produce is required. Agricultural market intelligence cells at district level in Farm Advisory Service Centers in collaboration with line departments may be established for location specific agricultural marketing support. Therefore market led integrated skill development programs are required in quantity and quality. Organized banking can also be encouraged for more efficient income accounting. Account payment transactions for marketing of agricultural produce should be promoted. Separate bank account for rural women can increase their access to family income and participation in the economic activities.

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