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Adoption of Integrated Farming System-An Approach for Doubling Small and Marginal Farmers Income


M. Srinika, R. Vijaya Kumari, K. Suhasini and M.H.V. Bhave



The adoption of integrated farming system instead of any individual crop livestock enterprising will not only sustain thelivelihood but also provides food security especially at small and marginal scale of farmingIt is therefore important to realize that in addition to cultivation there are other income sources like allied agriculture, livestock enterprises as means of wage earning that can contribute to doubling of income of agricultural households.The economic analysis of different integrated farming systems
adopted by small and marginal farmers in Adilabad district of Telangana state revealed Paddy+ Sericulture+ Poultry, PaddyPaddy + Tomato + Goat + Poultry, Paddy + Dairy + Moriculture and Paddy-Paddy + Tomato + Cotton + Goat + Poultryas maximum returning systems. The return per rupee spent on these systems was found to be 1.89, 1.78, 1.72 and 1.70, respectively. However, lack of training facilities, high market price fluctuations, lack of credit facilities and high input costs were found to be the major constraints in adoption of farming systems by small and marginal farmers.

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