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Adoption and Impact of Paddy Production Technology in Maharashtra


D.B. Yadav and R.B. Hile



The present study was taken up to analyze the adoption and impact of production technology of paddy in Maharashtra. The primary data were collected 288 paddy cultivators for the period of 2013-14.Based on the data of costs and returns structure, benefit-cost ratio (BCR), yield gap analysis, decomposition analysis, adoption index and impactof improved paddy technology have been estimated in the study.For the state as a whole, Cost ‘C’ per hectare was worked out to `47,652.48 and it was 1.27 B: C ratio. The cost of production per hectare has increased with the increase in technology adoption however, per unit cost has decreased with increase in technology adoption. Further; there was a 16.08 per cent yield gap between actual yield and yield of demonstration plot.The composite index of technology adoption was 54.38 per cent, which indicated that the sample farmers adopted less than 46 per cent recommended paddy production technology and obtained 36.56 q/ha yield. The contribution of different components on impact of paddy production technology was maximum in net returns (63.00 per cent).The improved paddy production technology method being more skill oriented, the study has observed that yields can be increased on adoption of improved method of paddy production technology.

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