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ACritical Analysis on Economics and Constraints in Chilli Cultivation in Raigarh District of Chhattisgarh


Vijay Kumar Patel, S.P. Gupta and G.L. Sharma



The present study was undertaken to study the A critical analysis on economics and constraints in chilli cultivation in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. Data were collected through personal interview from 110 randomly selected respondents of the ten villages viz. Economic analysis of data indicated that per hectare cost of chilli cultivation estimated to be `128128.10, ` 130302.58, ` 126556.02 and `105297.59 for marginal, small, medium and large farms respectively. Net returns was ` 97536.07, ` 116064.30, ` 163791.20 and ` 184081.30 per hectare and input-output ratio was 1:1.76, 1:1.89, 1:2.29 and 1:2.75 for marginal, small, medium and large farms respectively. On the basis of information collected from the chilli growers, the main problem in production faced by them were insect-pest and diseases (81.82 per cent), imbalance use of fertilizers and pesticide (76.36 per cent) scarcity of labours (54.55 per cent), Non institutional support (45.45 per cent), problem in marketing faced by these farmers were lack of regulate market (28.18 per cent).

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