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Indian Journal of Economics and Development: Forthcoming Issue

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IJED 12 (4) 2016

Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 12 No. 4 (October-December, 2016)
Table of Contents

Review Article

Climate Change and Sustainability of Agriculture-A Review
P.K. Kingra and Sukhvir Singh

Research Articles

Groundwater Extraction in Karnataka and its Long Term Implications
Suresh Kumar, A. Raizada, H. Biswas, and W. Muralidhar, K.S. Rao
Characterization of Crop Livestock Integrated System in Sub Mountainous Zone of Punjab
D.S. Rana and P. Kataria
Towards Financial Inclusion in India: Progress so far, Issues and Challenges
Susanta Kumar Sethy
The Effect of Climate Change on Food Security in India
Siddayya, Chidanand Patil, M.S. Kishore, and H.S. Srikanth
Retrospect’s and Prospect’s for Export of Mango from India
S.S. Bhosale, P.P. Pawar, and D.B. Yadav
Economic Growth and Structural Change of Industrial Sector in Uttar Pradesh
Sandeep Kumar Baliyan
Entrepreneurship through EDP and Licensing of Post-Harvest Technology: An Impact Assessment
Anil Kumar Dixit, Indu Rawat, Sukreeti Sharma, Sandeep Mann, and Rajender Kumar
Growth Drivers of Dairy Production in India: An Appraisal
B. Sserunjogi and Parminder Kaur
Microfinance Targeting Tribals: Financial Performance and Outreach in Odisha
Navin Kumar Rajpal and Sharmila Tamang
Economic Viability of Kinnow Orchards in South-Western Punjab
Manpreet Kaur, Jasdev Singh, and Sanjay Kumar
An Economic Analysis of Kinnow Cultivation and Marketing in Fazilka District of Punjab
Manpreet Kaur and Naresh Singla
Stability Analysis of India’s Raw Cotton Exports
Devendra Beeraladinni, H. Lokesha, and Jagrati B. Deshmanya
Climate Change and Livestock Production in India: Effects and Mitigation Strategies
Isah Musa Ahmad, Sanusi Sadiq, and Samuel Elias
Management of NTFPs – Livelihood and Conservation
A. Rohini, R. Sudha, and . Deepa
Statistical Modeling and Forecasting of Food Grain in Effects on Public Distribution System: An application of ARIMA Model
Soumik Ray, Banjul Bhattacharyya, and Subhadip Pal
Profitability of Kinnow Mandarin Cultivation-A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh
Geeta Verma, P.K. Mahajan, R.K. Gupta, and Heena Pathania
Sustainable Development in India-Issues and Challenges
Bhupinder Kaur
An Analysis of Production Efficiency in Indian Agriculture: Study on Rice and Wheat Producing States
Pia Ghoshal and Bhaskar Goswami
An Economic Analysis of Poplar Plantation in Haryana
Pankaj, Neeraj Pawar, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, and Rajender Sharma
Direct Seeded Rice: Potential and Constraints in Punjab
Gurmeet Singh Dhillon and G.S. Romana
Economics of Marketing of Papaya in Middle Gujarat Region of Gujarat
K.S. Jadav, Sagar Sachin, H.C. Parmar, and R.R. Christian
Problems Faced by the Farmers regarding Adoption of Water Saving Technologies in Patiala District of Punjab
Navdeep Kaur, Prabhjot Kaur, and Pankaj Kumar
Economic and Land Use Evaluation of Barley Based Intercropping Systems
Mohammad Khalid Habib, A. K. Dhaka, Bhagat Singh, Satish Kumar, and Jitender K. Bhatia

Research Notes

Alternate Uses of Cattle Dung for Sustainable Livelihood
Anurag Chaudhary and Mini Goyal
Factors Affecting Migration of Agricultural Labourers in Rajasthan
R.C. Asiwal, R.C. Sharma, and Basant Kumar Sharma
Cost Benefit Analysis of Ready to Eat Snack Food: Paneer Nuggets
Rajender Kumar, S. Siva Kumar, Varinder Pal Singh, Mithilesh Mahadev Watharkar
Factors Discriminating Credit Growth: A Comparison of Punjab and Kerala
Sulakshana Rao, Sukhpal Singh, and Amrit Kaur Mahal
Production and Marketing of Vegetables as a Part of Integrated Farming: A Case Study of Entrepreneurial Efficiency
Bhupinder Singh, R.S. Chhina, and Bikramjit Singh
Accounting for Irrigation Water Savings and Returns in Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Grown under Different Drip Irrigation Levels
Benedicto Benson Longwe, Vijaya B. Wali
Receivables Management Practices Followed in Coconut Oil Mills in Western Tamil Nadu
N. Deepa and T. Samsai

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