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Article Review Cycle

  1. The research articles submitted for publication to Indian Journal of Economics and Development are given a unique identification number.

  2. The Chief Editor/Editor decides upon the relevance of the manuscript to go through the normal review process if it is appropriate to the Journal Aims and Scope.

  3. If the article full fills the Aims and Scope of Indian Journal of Economics and Development then article assigned to reviewers for a double blind, high-quality and fair refereeing process.

  4. The reviewers are encouraged to provide informative comments on the manuscript to the Chief Editor within 3-4 weeks of the initial submission.

  5. Based on reviewers’ comments, the Chief Editor recommends whether a manuscript will be published without changes, accepted subject to changes (minor/major) or rejected.

  6. The Chief Editor’s decision on the manuscript is rapidly communicated to the authors.

  7. Once the article is re-uploaded on after revision by the corresponding author, it will be subjected to Editorial Review. If the Editoral Board is satisified with revised version of the article then it will be processed for publication. And if the article is not revised satisfactorily then article will be returned to the corresponding author for further revision(s) until and unless it meets the standard and format of the Journal.

  8. Accepted manuscripts that are subjected to minor or major changes are expected to be accordingly revised and resubmitted by the authors in a timely manner.

  9. Society of Economics and Development shall furnish authors of fully accepted papers with galley proofs for the correction of printing errors.

  10. Authors are encouraged to return the proof within 3 calendar days of submittal to expedite manuscript publication in the approaching Journal Issue.

  11. When the final version of the manuscript is accepted for publication, a formal acceptance letter will be issued and sent to the author(s). Authors are requested not to propose further changes to the final accepted version of the manuscript.

  12. Once the manuscript is published, Society of Economics and Development shall not be held responsible for errors which are the result of authors’ oversights.

  13. Membership of Society of Economics and Development is mandatory for all the authors for publication of an article. The hard copy of the Journal will be sent to the corresponding author only. The soft copy of the reprint will be sent to all member-authors. The soft copy of the journal will be sent to all the members of the Society.

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  • Contents IJED 15(3) 2019

  • Proceeding of 22.07.2019
  • Hard copies, Indian J Econ Dev 15 (3), July-September, 2019 dispatched

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