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Forthcoming Articles: Master List

  1. Indian Tea Industry through Decades: Structural shifts and Trade Performance under the context of Global Competition: Udeshna Talukdar and K.C. Talukdar (MS-17049)

  2. A Study of Consumer Behavior towards Edible Oil Usage in Navsari: Gautam Parmar and Ruchira Shukla (MS-17193)

  3. Rice Residue Burning in Punjab: Situation and Solution: Bhoopesh Punera, Aditya K. S., Venkatesh P., Pramod Kumar (MS-17079)

  4. What are the Constraints in Crossbreeding Programme and Technology in Jharkhand?: Aniketa Horo and B.S. Chandel (MS-17135)

  5. Attitude of Stakeholders towards Genetically Modified Crops in Malwa Region of Punjab: Pranoy Ray and V.K. Rampal (MS-17104)

  6. Physical Distribution System of Drumstick (Moringa Oliefera) in Vadodara District of Gujarat?: Ritambhara Singh, Mahesh R. Prajapati, Dilip Veronica, Snehal Mishra, Jemish Savani, and Y.C. Zala (MS-17041)

  7. Structure of the Distribution of Household Income in Himachal Pradesh: A Case Study of Mandi District: K.C. Sharma and Raksha Sharma (MS-17112)

  8. A Study on Post harvest Losses in Pulses in Nagaon district of Assam: Parinita Dutta, Amvrin Baruah, and Nivedita Deka (MS-17209)

  9. Economics of Women SHGs in Manipur: A. Jolly Devi (IJED-16-165)

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