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Forthcoming Issue

Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 14
No. 1, January-March, 2018

A. Research Articles/Research Notes/Review Articles/Short Communications

  1. Growth and Productivity Performance in the Indian Agro and Non-agro Based Manufacturing Industries in the Reform Periods: R. Mariappan (MS-17115)

  2. Factors Affecting Collective Action among Vegetable Farmers for Market Access in South Gujarat: Ruchira Shukla, Gautam Parmar, Swati Sharma, Bhavesh Chaudhari and Alpesh Leua (MS-17127)

  3. A Study of Consumer Behavior towards Edible Oil Usage in Navsari: Gautam Parmar and Ruchira Shukla (MS-17193)

  4. Physical Distribution System of Drumstick (Moringa Oliefera) in Vadodara District of Gujarat?: Ritambhara Singh, M.R. Prajapati, Snehal Mishra, Dilip R. Vahoniya, Y.A. Lad, Y.C. Zala, and Jemish Savani (MS-17041)

  5. Structure of the Distribution of Household Income in Himachal Pradesh: A Case Study of Mandi District: K.C. Sharma and Raksha Sharma (MS-17112)

  6. A Study on Post harvest Losses in Pulses in Nagaon district of Assam: Parinita Dutta, Amvrin Baruah, and Nivedita Deka (MS-17209)

  7. Status of Women in Punjab: District Level Differentials: Manisha Bhatia1 and Pawan Kumar Sharma (MS-17107)

  8. Incidence of Poverty and Inequality among Tea Labourer Engaged in Different Size of Plantations: A Study of Dibrugarh district of Assam: Pradyut Guha (MS-17174)

  9. Economics of Women SHGs in Manipur: A. Jolly Devi (IJED-16-165)

  10. Measuring Financial Inclusion of Indian States: An Empirical Study: Susanta Kumar Sethy and Phanindra Goyari (MS-17192)

  11. Resource Curse and India States: Gourav Kumar Vani and Aditya K.S. (MS-17080)

  12. Relationship between Input Energy Use and Land Productivity in Punjab Agriculture: H. Kumar and Arjinder Kaur (MS-17030)

  13. What are the Constraints in Crossbreeding Programme and Technology in Jharkhand? Aniketa Horo, and B.S. Chandel (MS-17135)

  14. Analysis of Co-Integration among Major Potato Markets in India Sreepriya P. and Raj Kumar (MS-17122)

  15. Attitude of Stakeholders towards Genetically Modified Crops in Malwa Region of Punjab: Pranoy Ray and V.K. Rampal (MS-17104)

  16. Area and Production of Fruits in Punjab: An Appraisal of Kinnow: Manpreet Kaur and Pavneet Kaur (IJED-16-139)

  17. Cost of Production and profitability inCultivation of Pointed Gourd in South Gujarat: S.C. Patel, J.J. Makadia and N. A. Kalola (MS-17198)

  18. Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of Introduction of Renewable Energy Technologies in Five Tribal Villages of Gujarat (India): S. S. Kalamkar, M. Swain, and S. Vahora (MS-17037)

  19. Measurement of Poverty among MNREGA Beneficiaries in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh: Tek Singh and K.C. Sharma (MS-17170)

  20. Opportunities and Challenges for Marketing of Organic Products in India: Hamidullah Younisi and J.J. Makadia (MS-17184)

  21. Structural breaks, Yield Plateaus and Long Run Yield Trends in Indian Crop Sector: Balaji, S.J. (MS-17256)

  22. Rice Residue Burning in Punjab: Situation and Solution: Bhoopesh Punera, Aditya K. S., Venkatesh P., Pramod Kumar (MS-17079)

  23. Total Factor Productivity and its Sources of Growth for Rice in Punjab: Arghyadeep Das, Sanjay Kumar, and Jasdev Singh (MS-17100)

  24. Relationship between Money, Output and Price Level in India: A Cointegration and VECM Approach: M. Manikandan1, N. Mani1, and P.Karthikeyan (MS-17230)

  25. Financial Resources of PACS in Punjab: An Evaluation: Pallavi Goyal and Jaswinder Singh Brar (MS-17058)

  26. Total Factor Productivity Growth of Soybean in Madhya Pradesh: H.K. Niranjan, P. Mishra, R.S. Chouhan, Supriya and Bhaskar Shukla (MS-17196)

B. Thesis Abstracts

    1. Mehak Jain. (2018). A Sociological Study on Rural Youth in Sangrur District of Punjab, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana: Major Advisor: Dr. Simran Kang Sidhu

    2. Kamlesh Goyal (2016). Globalization and its Impact on Transforming India’s Economy, Punjabi University, Patiala: Supervisor: Prof. (Dr.) Kamaljit Singh

    3. Simrathjit Kaur Kaler. (2016). Problems and Support Systems of Disabled Women in Rural Punjab, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana: Major Advisor: Dr Shalini Sharma

    4. Pradeep Mishra. (2014). Modeling and Forecasting of Food Crops in India and their Yield Sustainability, PBidhan Chanda Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Nadia: Major Advisor: Dr.Pradip Kumar Sahu

    Forthcoming Article, Volume 14, 2018

      1. Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Organic Friuts and Vegetables and its Market Potential in Bengaluru District, Karnataka: Adarsha L K*, Mohan Kumar M and Jennie Samuelnavaraj D (MS-17220)

      2. Exclusion of the Marginalised: Exploring Inter Community Variation among Scheduled Tribes in Kerala: Athira K. (MS-17156)

      3. :

      4. Sector-wise Growth Pattern across different States of India: Tamanpreet Kaur and Manjeet Kaur (MS-17245)

      5. Perception, utilization, and management of renewable natural resources by rural women: An Analysis: Jaspreet Kaur, Ritu Mittal, Varinder Randhawa (MS-17208)

      6. Resource use efficiency and marketing of pointed gourd cultivation in South Gujarat: J.J. Makadia, S.C. Patel, and K.U. Mungalpara (MS-17199)

      7. Co-integration among Major Cauliflower Markets in Punjab: Shruti Mohapatra, Jasdev Singh and Sanjay Kumar (MS-17229)

      B. Thesis Abstracts

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