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Forthcoming Issue

Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 13
No. 4, October-December, 2017

A. Research Articles/Research Notes/Review Articles/Short Communications

  1. An Econometric Investigation on Groundnut Market integrated in India: R.Sangeetha, Raman M.S. and A. Rohini (IJED-16-222)

  2. An Economic Analysis and Resource Use Efficiency of Bt-Cotton in Middle Gujarat: Maitri Satashia, R. S. Pundir and V. B. Darji (IJED-16-230)

  3. Influencing Variable Effect on Fish Trade a View with Liberalization and WTO Regime: Kanaga, V., Sethu Rameshkumar, A. Karthy, Vijayarahavan, V., and Kalidoss Radhakrishnan (IJED-16-250)

  4. Cropping Pattern, Diversification and Concentration of Crops: Some Evidence from Himachal Pradesh: Sandeep Kumar (IJED-16-111)

  5. Adoption of Economic and Sustainable Resource Conservation Technology (RCT) in Rice Wheat System: Zero Tillage: B.S. Ghanghas and Joginder Singh Malik (IJED-16-206)

  6. Developing a Consumer Well-Being Matrix with reference to Materialism and Money Attitude: Rimple Manchanda1, Naseem Abidi, and Jitendra Kumar Mishra (MS-17011)

  7. Contractual Pisciculture in South West Punjab: Prospects and Constraints: Gurjinder Singh Romana, Gurmeet Singh Dhillon, and Navneet Kaur Dhaliwal (MS-17054)

  8. Forecasting of Area and Production of Cotton in India and Karnataka Using ARIMA Model: Vijaya B. Wali1, Devendra Beeraladinni and Lokesh H. (MS-17126)

  9. Spatial Price Integration of Okra in Selected Markets of Gujarat: Amrutha Babu Narendra Singh and Sachin S. More (IJED-16-232)

  10. Study of market concentration and inequality measures in Non-timber forest products (NTFPs): A case of Harar (Terminalia chebula): Amit Guleria, Ravinder Sharma, Subhash Sharma and Chandresh Guleria (MS-17092)

  11. Public Distribution System in India: Key Issues and Challenges-A Review: Mahima Gopal Ghabru, Ganga Devi, and Nilam Rathod (IJED-16-216)

  12. A Study of Selling Orientation and Customer Orientation of Life Insurance Agents in Ludhiana City: Rupinderpal Singh, and Sukhmani (MS-17099)

  13. Gender Difference in Online Buying Behavior: An Empirical Study in Punjab: Sonpreet Arora and Gagandeep Banga (MS-17067)

  14. Motivational Elements effect on Labour Productivity and Retention: The case of Jei River Farms in Central Region of Ghana: Anthony Acquah and Richard Kwasi Bannor (MS-17073)

  15. Water Productivity and Profitability of Spring Maize Hybrids: Jatinder Manan, Manoj Sharma, Gobinder Singh and Gurmeet Singh (IJED-16-146)

  16. An Empirical Analysis of Distribution Pattern of Household Assets among MGNREGS Beneficiary Households in Punjab: Sarbjeet Singh and Jagdev Singh (MS-17132)

  17. Cost Benefit Analysis of Milk Production in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh: Priyanka Singh and Mir Miraj Alli (MS-17149)

  18. Production and Consumption of Marine Fish after Globalisation: Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy, Dilip Vahoniya, and Sanjiv Kumar (MS-17095)

  19. Economic Analysis and Feasibility of Tractor Operated Cotton Harvesters: Pramod Kumar Mishra, Manjeet Singh, J.S. Gill, Biswa Mandal and Bharat Patel (MS-17081)

  20. Farm Power Scenario in India with Special Reference to Punjab: Akashdeep Singh and Poonam Kataria (MS-17012)

  21. Socio-economic and Psychological Problems of Disabled Women in Rural Punjab: Simrathjit Kaur Kaler and Shalini Sharma (MS-17092)

  22. Fish production in Punjab-An economic analysis: Manjinder Singh and J.M.Singh (IJED-16-220)

  23. Effect of Weather Parameters on Rice Productivity in Manipur: Janee Yumlembam, Yumlembam Chakrabarty Singh and A.K. Nandi (MS-17092)

  24. Effect of Working Capital Management Practices on Working Capital Efficiency-A Case from Agribusiness Sector: N. Deepa, S. Selvanayaki, A. Rohini and T.Samsai (MS-17134)

  25. Enhancing farmers’ Income through Climate Resilient Technologies: Sunny Kumar and Baljinder Kaur Sidana (MS-17207)

Forthcoming Article, Volume 14, 2018

  1. Indian Tea Industry through Decades: Structural shifts and Trade Performance under the context of Global Competition: Udeshna Talukdar and K.C. Talukdar (MS-17049)

  2. Factors Affecting Collective Action among Vegetable Farmers for Market Access in South Gujarat: Ruchira Shukla, Gautam Parmar, Swati Sharma, Bhavesh Chaudhari and Alpesh Leua (MS-17127)

  3. A Study of Consumer Behavior towards Edible Oil Usage in Navsari: Gautam Parmar and Ruchira Shukla (MS-17193)

  4. Rice Residue Burning in Punjab: Situation and Solution: Bhoopesh Punera, Aditya K. S., Venkatesh P., Pramod Kumar (MS-17079)

  5. What are the Constraints in Crossbreeding Programme and Technology in Jharkhand?: Aniketa Horo and B.S. Chandel (MS-17135)

  6. Attitude of Stakeholders towards Genetically Modified Crops in Malwa Region of Punjab: Pranoy Ray and V.K. Rampal (MS-17104)

  7. Physical Distribution System of Drumstick (Moringa Oliefera) in Vadodara District of Gujarat?: Ritambhara Singh, Mahesh R. Prajapati, Dilip Vahoniya, Snehal Mishra, Jemish Savani, and Y.C. Zala (MS-17041)

  8. Structure of the Distribution of Household Income in Himachal Pradesh: A Case Study of Mandi District: K.C. Sharma and Raksha Sharma (MS-17112)

  9. A Study on Post harvest Losses in Pulses in Nagaon district of Assam: Parinita Dutta, Amvrin Baruah, and Nivedita Deka (MS-17209)

  10. Incidence of Poverty and Inequality among Tea Labourer Engaged in Different Size of Plantations: A Study of Dibrugarh district of Assam: Pradyut Guha (MS-17174)

  11. Economics of Women SHGs in Manipur: A. Jolly Devi (IJED-16-165)

  12. Measuring Financial Inclusion of Indian States: An Empirical Study: Susanta Kumar Sethy and Phanindra Goyari (MS-17192)

B. Thesis Abstracts

  1. Decomposing the effect of technological change in milk production: A study of crossbreeding programme in Jharkhand: Aniketa Horo: Major Advisor: Dr. B.S. Chandel, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal (2017)

  2. Stakeholders opinion on agricultural subsidies and their impact in Punjab: Anupam Anand. Major Advisor: Dr. Manmeet Kaur, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana (2016)

  3. An Economic Analysis of Potato Seed Production under Contract Farming in Haryana: Ashu. Major Advisor: Dr. Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar (2017)

  4. Examining the profitability and marketing pattern of green fodder for sustainable dairy development in Punjab: Harparteet Singh. Major Advisor: Dr. Varinder Pal Singh, College of Dairy Science and Technology, GADVASU, Ludhiana (2017)

  5. An Economic Analysis Of Onion Cultivation In Giridih District Of Jharkhand: Manish Kumar. Major Advisor: Dr. Punit Kumar Agarwal, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Morabadi, Ranchi (2017)

  6. Tamil Nadu Mango Growers Federation (TAMAFED): A Stakeholder Analysis: Sakthi Parthiban. Major Advisor: Dr. M.S. Nain, IARI, New Delhi (2012)

  7. Pattern of agricultural land lease market in central zone of Punjab: Jagjeet Singh. Major Advisor: Dr. M.K. Sekhon, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana (2017)

  8. Pattern of agricultural land lease market in central zone of Punjab: Jagjeet Singh. Major Advisor: Dr. M.K. Sekhon, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana (2017)

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